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Episode lets you LIVE your stories with love, romance, adventure, and drama. Wouldn’t it be amazing if YOU were a character in your favorite story? Episode lets you do just that with over 150,000 gripping stories, where you make choices that matter.
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15 April 2022
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The best way to get through the game is with this Episode mod apk that lets you use unlimited gems. Transform your character in whatever way and make impactful choices because more options mean better decisions!

The newest update to Episode Mod apk, the famous story-telling app, has arrived, and it’s better than ever. Now you can enjoy your favorite stories in a whole new way – with fast load times and smoother animations for an even juicier experience! We’re talking 2x faster loading times; more captivating visuals that make characters come alive on screen; plus, we’ve introduced voiceovers so when things get dramatic or romantic. You’ll know what someone else is saying too.

episode mod apk

Episode – Choose Your Story is a mobile app that allows users to create their own stories by choosing from various options. The app has become popular among users of all ages, and it offers a unique way for people to share their stories with others.

The app is free to download and available for both Android and iOS devices. It has been downloaded more than 100 million times, and it continues to grow in popularity. There are thousands of different story possibilities available on the app, and users can create new stories or choose from existing ones.

One thing that makes Episode – Choose Your Story so popular is that it allows users to connect with others who share their interests. Users can find friends, join groups, and share their stories with others. This makes the app a great way to connect with others and share their passions.

The app also offers a great way for people to express themselves creatively. Users can create stories based on their own experiences or ones that are completely fictional. This allows users to be creative and tell stories in various ways.

Episode – Choose Your Story is a fun and engaging app that allows users to create their own stories. It is popular among users of all ages, and it offers a unique way for people to connect with others and share their passions. The app is free to download and available for both Android and iOS devices. For more information, visit the Episode – Choose Your Story website.

Millions of people read stories on Episode Mod apk every day, but you can be one in a million. Join the worldwide community where your imagination rules!

What is Episode Mod Apk:

Finally, a way to enjoy all of this game’s fun and exciting features without paying for it!

A modified (cracked) version of episode – Choose Your Story. With this, you can use your gems/passes freely and unlock characters that would otherwise not be available in-app purchases or ads.

episode mod apk

Reading is a great way to get your brain working and keep it active. In this modified game, you can use unlimited passes to read stories as much as you want with no consequences!

With the Episode Mod Apk Verison, You will enjoy the following feature.

Unlimited Gems/ Money

  • Unlock In-app Purchases
  • Unlimited Passes
  • Customize Your avater
  • Experience real-life stories
  • Free Access to New Episodes

The Episode is a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat with its interactive stories. Every story created by players in this virtual world can be shared with other members, so it’s never too late for anyone to have their own personal adventure! The gameplay consists mostly of passing these adventures better than others through old techniques like storytelling and basic concepts like communication skills.

There are multiple options to choose from, including comedy and romance. You can also add more elements that will influence how your character acts, such as competition or drama if you want it to.  This is a great way for players who enjoy story-based roleplaying because they’ll start gaining followers on their account with every update made by other users about what happens next in this fun little world we’ve created together online.

Features of Episode Mod Apk

Episode – Choose Your Story is an interactive narrative app where users can play different stories with their own choices. The stories are mostly about high school students’ lives, especially in the United States. It contains millions of different storylines and millions of user-created stories.

One of the most notable features is that each story has multiple endings. Users can get a different ending based on what they choose, which also changes the path they will take through the story. Each choice will affect how fellow characters perceive them and determine their true friends within each story. Players earn coins by completing missions or taking out ads, which allows them to unlock new levels and items for free instead of waiting for a certain amount of time.

Episode – Choose Your Story also allows users to share their stories with the world. Players can create their own covers, titles, and summaries for their stories and upload their own photos and videos. This allows them to share their creativity with others and helps other players decide which story to read next. The app also has a social media page on Instagram and Facebook, where people can follow the app to get updates on new stories and features.

Overall, Episode – Choose Your Story is an engaging and interactive app that lets users control their own destiny within each story. With its multiple endings and ability to share with others, it provides hours of entertainment for anyone who enjoys reading or watching narratives. New stories and features are being added, so players never get bored. Check it out today and become the hero of your own story!

All the stories are neatly arranged and written with experienced writers who make this modded version of Episode – Choose Your Story an interesting, never-ending story. There is always something new every day that you’ll be able to experience as long as your device can keep up.

I highlighted below a few features of our Episode Mod apk.

Unlimited gems

The gem in Episode’s game is a type of currency that allows users to buy premium outfits and assets for their avatars. But you need many videos before earning your gems, which can be costly or take up valuable time.

-If you want an easier way, then read below! 

I shared with everyone here at least one cool trick on how they’ve found out Unlimited Gems without doing anything else but installing this Episode MOD apk.

Unlimited passes

In the world of story mode in certain games, passes are important. In Episode Choose Your Story Mod Apk there is unlimited access to all expensive stories, which you can play as much as your heart desires without any issue!

Unlimited followers

You can gain unlimited followers on your profile by downloading the modified version of the Episode. There’s no need to publish any stories anymore because it will automatically update and help you grow faster than before!

How To Download & Install Episode Mod Apk On Android

  • First of all Visit Our official website
  • Then Click On download Episode Mod apk
  • Your download will star.
  • Save your downloaded file and go to setting.
  • Allow Unknown Resources in setting
  • Now install Episode Mod apk and enjoy.


Is it safe to use this Mod Apk?

Yes, it is 100% Safe to use episode Mod apk.

What are best stories in episode Mod apk?

Here are some interesting stories in Episode Mod apk.

  • Revenge Daddy
  • Kiss List
  • Forbidden Pleasure
  • The Chain Reaction Series

What will I get in Episode Mod apk?

  • Unlimited Gems
  • In-game Purchase Unlocked
  • Unlimited Passes
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Automatic New Episode Updates

Can I play this game offline?

Yes, You can play this game while offline.


I hope you got the latest and working Episode  Mod apk. Choose Your Story with unlimited passes, gems features. Now enjoy any premium stories as your own without even worrying about limited tales, all thanks to this new episode  Mod apk, which is out now on Google Play Store as well. If anyone has any queries regarding it or wants me to fix bugs, feel free to comment below – I would love to solve all of those issues together.

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