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1. Tap the downloaded Ludo Star king mod apk Download ( Pro Unlocked/ Theme ) 2022 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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Ludo King Mod APK can be played in many different ways. There are variations for every type and age group, making it a great option if you’re looking to have some family time or need something new that will keep your mind occupied while waiting around! The mobile version has plenty more unique features, too–it’s easily accessible on the go, which makes this old classic even better suited than ever before.

Are you looking for a mod version of ludo king? If yes, then you are at the right place. We will provide you with a detailed description of this mod version at this site and its download link.

Mod version helps you get unlimited gems and coins and makes you able to score unlimited sixes. So by using this apk file, you can become the best player in this game.

Ludo king mod apk

Ludo STAR is an online multiplayer board game that allows players to compete against each other in real-time. The game’s objective is to move all of one’s pieces around the board and then into the home space.

The game can be played by up to four players, taking a different color. To move a piece, the player must first roll a six-sided die. The number on the die corresponds to the number of spaces the player may move their piece. If a player rolls doubles, they can move their piece twice the number of spaces shown on the die. If a player rolls three of the same number, they can capture an opponent’s piece and remove it from play. A player can either choose to capture an opponent’s piece or move their piece, but not both in the same turn.

What’s the mod version? 

Ludo king mod apk is that modified version with the help of which you can use premium features without paying even a penny.

Ludo King Mod Apk Features:

Ludo Star is an amazing game of Indian kings. In this game, you can play with your friends and family. The game has 4 colors as Yellow, Red, Blue, and green. You can play this game in 2-2 or one by one with your friends. Every ludo player considers him as king of the game, so bring your friends to this game and challenge them in this epic game.

Here are some quick features of this game

Ludo Classic Features:
★–> Login with Facebook and invite friends to play with you
★–> Play with random player in 2 or 4 player matches
★–> Play different variations: Classic, Master or Quick
★–> Pair with other players to play Team Up
★–> Play with your favorite rules like :
Doubling of pieceskill 1 before entering home etc.
★–> Feels like 3d Ludo with 3d dice

★–> Chat and send emojis & gifts to other players while you play.
★–>Send lucky dices to your friends and pick daily cards to earn gold and gems
★–>Collect 100s of amazing dices.
Bring your friends while you play.
★–> Download for Free!
★–> Suitable for all Ages!

Tips: The more you play, the more exciting it becomes.
Enjoy the amazing game played by players since 2017.
Play this royal game of Kings and Queens You will never regret it!

Dividing the area and Dice working:

Kings and queens of ancient times play this game. Dice are rolled, and to become the champion, you are entitled to take your token to the center of the ludo board. For becoming ludo king, you will have to beat the other player’s token. We hope you had played this game in your childhood when there was no internet, but now you can also play it online with anyone in the world. Isn’t it amazing?

The die of the game is always present on any player’s Avatar. This ensures they never forget their turn, and the scroll effect makes it so that even though this game takes place in 2D, players do not feel bored or uninterested with what’s going on around them, thanks to its smooth animations.

Ludo king latest verison

Snake and ladder:- 

Snake and ladder are also added in the ludo king game. The game is started at 1, and the goal is to reach 100 to win. Ladders will make you go higher and higher, and snakes are your enemy as they will make you descend. So beware of snakes and avoid them.

Ludo is a game of strategy and luck. Its simple rules allow anyone to play, but experienced players like myself can use some strategies.

Freedom from boredom:-

If you are bored, then ludo king is the perfect game to spend your leisure time. I hope it will remind you of your childhood when you used to play it on the ludo board with your friends and family.

How mod version works :

Mod version is the hacked version of ludo king in which you will obtain unlimited coins and gems. This version does not contain any coin generator. However, you will get bonuses that will help you get more and more coins. You will get six in each, and every turn as dice is hacked. You will get spins and bonuses daily. 

Features of Ludo King Mod Apk:

Ads Free ludo king apk

I know ads are super annoying, and nobody wants to see them, but they keep on emerging again and again. But the mod version of ludo king resolves this issue as it is ads-free. Not a single ad will be shown to you, and you can play this game with full attention and enthusiasm. 

Infinite sixes:- 

Your good days have come as ludo king mod apk will provide you with unlimited sixes in every match, and with this trick, you can earn tons of coins and gems. Now you can easily win this game and defeat your opponents. Wow!!

Unlimited Gems and coins in Ludo king Mod apk

Ludo king mod apk allows you to get unlimited money and gems without even winning matches. So don’t waste your time winning small matches for the sake of coins. Just download this mod version and get unlimited gems and coins.

Premium free:- 

In this mod version, you will not have to pay even a single to open various features of this app. You can easily open up and use every feature of this app for free. Congratulations buddy !!


You can unlock different themes by using the ludo king mod apk. Enjoy the beautiful themes of the game without any restriction and hesitation.


Download Ludo Star Mod apk to enjoy this amazing game with its modded features. The game is so much fun that you’ll need to use emojis and other means of expression. Challenges can make it even better when playing against another person in this type of competitive environment! When prompted by the dialog box, if victorious, winners get an extremely happy feeling while loser expressions show sadness (or anger).

What's new

- Special rewards and events for Ramadan Season
- Leaderboards -> Compete against other Ludo players to get exciting custom Frames
- Season Pass - Win Exclusive rewards
- Now you can customize your Tokens and Board looks by participating in Events
- VIP Mode - Play together with other VIP players and spectate their matches
- Performance Improvements & Bugfixes

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