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Download Subway Mod apk to enjoy unlimited coins, keys all characters to enjoy this trilling game and much more.
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12 May 2022
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One of the most addictive runner games out there, Subway Surfers Mod apk features smooth gameplay and satisfying moments. In this game, you’ll be playing as an underground artist running away from a security guard who has his dog with him – keep going through all obstacles in front while collecting valuable loots! Stay off these guys’ trails by avoiding them at any cost because if they catch up, then that means one thing: GAME OVER.

Unlock new characters, each having their unique running styles, so when it comes time to set YOUR RECORD, try not to miss any chances. This is one of the best games created by SYBO Games.

Have you ever heard of being a game addict? You will surely experience it if you play subway surfers. In this game, you will be escaping from a security guard and his scary dog, crossing all the barriers and obstacles coming in front of you, and collecting unlimited coins and valuable gift packs. Different characters are also available, which can be unlocked with coins and other things you collect during your journey.

Subway Surfers is a popular mobile game that has been downloaded over 1 billion times. The game’s goal is to help the player’s character escape from a police officer who is chasing them. The player must navigate their way through a series of obstacles to collect coins and other items along the way. There are also special characters that the player can unlock by finding hidden objects in the game.

Subway Surfer Mod apk

Features of Subway Surfer Mod APK

Here are some more exciting features.

Play the game with varied characters

Get ready to run the Subway in a whole new way! DIVE into epic challenges as you take on varied missions. Collect resources and unlock characters with unique abilities to help get through these difficult levels like never before. With dozens of guys at your disposal, there is sure to be one for any situation – so dive right in and explore this underground world today!.

Subway Surfer Mod apk


Gamers are given a variety of boosts to make races more exciting and addictive. You can collect paint powered jetpack that will allow you to fly around at extreme speed, avoid all sorts of obstacles by getting the jumping shoes or get a powerful magnet that attracts coins towards yourself while on foot running through levels as well! There is plenty available for those who love racing games but want something different with their experience, too- from faster movement speeds or increased durability – so no matter what type of cup your feelings lean towards, we’ve got it covered here at Funkymonkeygames online shop.

Addictive & Simple Gameplay:

Subway Surfers MOD apk is a simple yet challenging game that will draw you in with its high-quality graphics. The controls are optimized for touchscreen devices, so it’s easy to get the hang of things and hard not to be addicted after just one session! As levels increase throughout gameplay, more items than ever before offer unique playstyles. Still, all allow players who prefer consistency over creativity to retain their edge by mastering single techniques or movesets rather than relying on unusual tricks like boost sliding.

Subway Surfer Mod apk

Customize Character:

There are many customizing options for your character; you can change their headwear and pick between various costumes. From Chinese hats to motorbike helmets, there’s something here that will fit any taste!

Travel to Different Cities :

Fourteen different locations await in Subway Surfer, with players having many chances to explore varied maps from the world’s most famous cities. From Paris and London to Tokyo and Dubai, a lot is going on here! Unlockable content ensures that you’ll have plenty of fun, too, so don’t miss out.

Different Themes:

The game is unique because it has various themes in every update. You can collect the letters while you’re running on subways and form words to earn yourself valuable prizes by completing challenges!

Play with Your Friends:

Never lose your saved files again – all of them will be uploaded onto the online cloud. In other words, if you ever switch from one device or phone to another and start playing Subway Surfer again, then it’ll automatically pick up where we last left off with no need for tedious replaying every single mission! Finally, a solution ensures peace of mind when logging into social networks before each session. As long as these accounts are connected via Facebook Connects (or equivalent), players can see how many friends also play this game and compete against their records on different maps/missions, etc., making sure who’s better at beating levels within minutes instead than hours.

Play Game from all over the World:

In addition to world leaderboards, you’re introduced into the Subway Surfer universe, where top players are honored for their speed records. You can fight against other riders and try to break all sorts of barriers to earn yourself epic rewards!

Free to play:

The game is currently free to play so that you can have access to most of its contents without paying a cent. However, there would still be some in-app purchases that might get on your nerves and annoying at times. Still, these do not affect gameplay too much as they only add more items for players such as weapons or outfits with different colors than what comes installed by default when installing the app from Google Play Store.

Subway Surfers is an extremely addictive game for Android phones. It can become very annoying, too. The game has several features that make it different from other games of the same genre.

Here are some of them:

● Different Characters to Choose From

  There are many characters to choose from at the beginning. However, a new one is added to the list every week, making it substantially bigger over time. Choosing a character might seem insignificant, but each character has unique abilities and speed, making choosing between them difficult sometimes.

● Power-Ups

  Some characters have their special power-ups, which can be activated after collecting enough coins in the game or by using real money if any player doesn’t want to bother. Even the basic characters might have power-ups if you upgrade them enough times at the beginning of the game. Power-ups can be used to protect yourself from the police and increase your score.

● Special Characters

  As already mentioned, there are more than one hundred different characters in this game. Even some can only be unlocked through mystery boxes that can be purchased for real money if desired.

● Coins and Prizes

  At every run played, there is a possibility to collect coins and prizes. Some of these prizes contain special boosters or power-ups, while others may provide more coins than usual after opening them up at the end of a round on the subway tracks.

Subway Surfer Mod apk latest version

Unlimited Content With Our MOD:

If you want to experience all of the features that Subway Surfer has to offer, download our mod version and enjoy unlimited coins and keys!

Visual & Sound Quality:

To give you the most immersive runner gameplay on Android, this game has beautiful graphics throughout with colorful and vibrant HD quality. From around the globe to every location – gamers will find themselves overwhelmed by how amazing everything looks in extreme detail.

If you’re looking for a game with exciting soundtracks and intuitive audio effects, look no farther than the chase!

Magnet in Subway Surfers Mod apk

 The most interesting thing is the magnet. A magnet that attracts coins. Oh! You have become rich; congratulations.


 Colorful jetpacks make you become able to fly in the beautiful air full of coins. Isn’t it lovely? 

Jumping shoes:-

Amazing jumping shoes will make you perform epic jumps. You will be able to jump over all kinds of trains and obstacles. Wow!

Difficulty level:- 

The more you play, the more interesting it becomes. Although it’s a simple and comfortable game, it becomes more exciting as you go further, and the level of difficulty also increases, making you addicted to it. 

Characters in subway surfers mod apk

Moreover, subway surfers, Mod apk will provide characters like Jack, Lucky, and many others. You can unlock them with coins and many other gifts that you received through mystery boxes. 

Mystery boxes:-

Have I told you about the mystery box? During your run, you are given mystery boxes that contain amazing gifts that will be disclosed once your run ends.

Life keys:-

You will also be awarded life keys. If you lose your game, you will continue it from where it ended by using the life key. Enjoy your new life!!


One of the amazing features of this game is that it allows you to play with many different locations. Players can explore various countries like Egypt, America, England, etc. 

How to Download & Install :

  • First of all, visit our official website
  • Click On Download
  • Your download will start automatically
  • After the download is complete, save the file
  • Go to setting and click Turn On ( Allow Unknown Resources )
  • Install And enjoy


Subway Surfers Mod apk is one of the best thrilling games globally. You can enjoy unlimited Coins, Tracks, and much more with our modded version of Subway surfer. Download Now and enjoy your favorite gameplay.

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What's new

- The Subway Surfers World Tour heads back to Vancouver!
- Run through forests of cherry blossoms with the pastel color queen, Pink.
- Go green with the fresh and eco-friendly Spring Board.
- Get ready to graffiti with Zayn in his new Stealth Outfit.
- Watch where you're running in the New York Marathon Challenge.



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