Theotown mod apk City Simulator 2022- Download Unlimited (Gems/Money/Diamonds)


Theotown mod apk is the city-building simulation game developed by blue-flower, and here you'll enjoy big cities building, unbelievable workload, motivational players, macroscopic graphics, and much more!
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14 February 2022
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Do you love constructing beautiful buildings and homes and want to manage the project of multiple cities? If yes, you’re on the right platform because here, you’ll get the chance to build a big building with a macroscopic and panoramic view. Thus in this Theotown mod apk simulation game, you’ll enjoy rich and beautiful cities in your hands.

Theotown Mod apk is a simulation game where you will have the option to create big buildings, cities, and much more. You can combine big buildings to make a clean and beautiful city. This is Free of cost game by Blue flower. In the modded version of Theotown, you can enjoy unlimited features.

In this mod version, you’ll be completely amused with the exciting and realistic elements in the cities, and all the players in this play will get the chance to experience developing huge buildings in beautiful cities. With said that the players have to keep this thing in mind that they have to take care of the lives of people who live in these houses and buildings.

Theotown mod apk

Theotown mod apk-updated features

Huge buildings

For making up a building population, infrastructure, construction, transport, etc., these basics, law, policy, military, economy, etc are essential. So for building these sustainable houses and towns into a thriving metropolis with a rich economy and happy people, Theotown mod free version will be the savior in this regard.

This game challenges players at all the stages, and the two main things that you should keep in mind while playing these are management and construction. Without these two factors, the city wouldn’t be able to develop, and many other problems will also arise.

Unbelievable workload

The first step you’ll take to build a town is to call a builder to build the foundation. If that town already has roads, then the players will instruct the builder to focus on the public transport points and other buildings like schools, hospitals, etc. these are the important foundation of urbanization in a future city.

With said that, construction goes hand in hand with the management, so you’ll need to focus on customization methods like route creation for the bus system, railways for train, airline systems for flights, etc. The next step you’ll apply in the Theotown hacked apk is developing essential services like power plants, power systems, power companies, water plants, energy plants, etc.

Well organized construction

Once you build the basics, then after that, Theotown premium apk allows you to ensure robustness and safety like military barracks, fire departments, hospitals, state agencies, finance departments, natural resources, environment, schools, investment, education department, and real estate management.

The important factor in establishing the legal system for the long-term development of a healthy city is to organize public agencies. Companies and the factories sprout up as the city’s economy to raise various parks, stadiums, and squares, thus tackling the situations like droughts, floods, natural disasters, epidemics, crimes, and large-scale fires, etc.

Beautiful rich cities

In this Theotown unlimited cities, you’ll get the enthusiastic instructions for the game, and the resources in your hands will be infinite here. So don’t need to be worried about the limitations of this game’s objects or items and enjoy the construction in this simulation game. Most of all the urbanization is the most satisfying feeling that you’ll enjoy here. You can create beautiful cities same as Simcity game

Macroscopic realistic graphics

In Theotown mod apk, you’ll surely admire the excellent graphics of the terrains, mountains and coastal around the rivers, etc., unlike the other games where all processes take place slowly here you’ll catch the macroscopic view with your eyes. Thus download the game now and enjoy every detail.

Some additional Theotown updated features

  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Unlimited raw material
  • Excellent management
  • Macroscopic detailed features
  • Grow City To unlock more content
  • Look City Simulation in detail
  • Look at the detailed city simulation🌃
  • Wait for building construction sites to complete buildings🏗
  • Connect your cities to other cities in the region🔗
  • Build airports and manage airplanes✈
  • Construct railway networks🚈
  • Build subways and trams🚋
  • Build military facilities🚧
  • Collect taxes to finance your beautiful cities💰
  • Build cities similar to New York, Tokyo, San Francisco and more🗼
  • Construct sights like Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty🗽
  • Build amazing skyline cities in this city building game🌃
  • Build famous skyscrapers like the One World Trade Center or the Petronas Towers🏗
  • Construct broad highways🚙🚗🚛
  • Build harbors and ships🚢
  • Construct different soccer stadiums
  • Build your own leisure park with different attractions🎪
  • Build different sources of electrical power like power plants, solar power plants and fusion plants⚡
  • Build police stations to increase the safety of your citizens🚔
  • Build fire departments to get fires under control🚒
  • Build urban or rural areas🚜
  • Become a tycoon with amazing megacities🏙
  • Realistic traffic simulation; solve traffic issues🚙
  • Control game speed⏳
  • Build a megalopolis with hundreds of thousands of inhabitants😊🙃🤗
  • Build parks and schools to improve living standard of your inhabitants🏝
  • Control operational cars to extinguish fires, solves crimes and prevent epidemics💧🔥
  • Free mode for experiments without money🛠
  • Share screenshots of your city within the game🖼
  • Built-in Plugin Store to expand your game’s content with hundreds of plugins💠
  • No internet connection needed – playing offline is possible📶
  • No Pay-to-Win: Additional, purchasable items aren’t necessary to play the game🤝

Theotown unlimited construction specification

NameThe town mod apk
PublisherBlue flower
Get it onGoogle play

How to download Theotown mod free version?

The process of download is very simple. Just follow the below-mentioned steps and enjoy the mod app on your android.

  • Visit our official website
  • Click the link to go to the official page
  • Now visit the whole page to get the download link
  • Scroll down to the bottom, and there you’ll see a green color button popping at the bottom.
  • Click that green button, and you’ll redirect towards download
  • After a while, the file will be downloaded
  • Keep the downloaded file in a new folder
  • Don’t forget to uninstall the original version first

How to install the Theotown mod free version?

To install the game, you’ve to make some modifications to your android, and for this, you’ll need to check out the settings.

  • Go to settings
  • Check the accessibility option there
  • Allow unknown sources there
  • After that, go back to the installation process
  • After few seconds, the file will be installed
  • Open up the app by click next and then finish
  • Now you may enjoy this exciting play on your device

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Theotown hacked apk safe to use?

The town is 100% safe to use, and you should not be worried about your data security and software as this game is genuinely developed by cross-checking through various malware detecting software. Out anti-malware detecting engine refined the app and cleaned it thoroughly without creating any trouble while playing.

What’s the new Theotown mod free version?

Many features have been updated recently like:

  • No more pay to win
  • Construct a megalopolis
  • Control game rate
  • Tax collection
  • Freeway experiment without cash
  • Construct harbors and boats
  • In-depth city simulation
  • Build wide highways
  • Construct military centers


So that’s all about Theotown mod apk. Now you must have known that you can enjoy unlimited features and construction that never ends here because this simulation game is always on the way to some new construction. Thus download the game now to enjoy unlimited online play with friends and build your town and rich cities. Don’t forget to give us your feedback! Thank you!

What's new

🌟Setting for dark build tool mode (enabled by default)
🌟Optimize store loading time by improving communication with server
🌟Support for animations referencing animations
🌟Support for platforms attribute in plugin manifest file

📜You can find the full changelog here:



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