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This modified version of State of survival mod Apk gives you amazing advanced features that you indeed love. So download and enjoy the game.
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January 20, 2022
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If you guys want action in your life and go through this phase, then State of survival mod Apk is the best game to experience thrill and action. The game happens in a city where the player has to face many challenges and enjoy.

About State of survival mod Apk unlimited everything

State of survival mod 2021 is a fighting game full of action and thrill. The main thing in the game is a strategy; with it, the player has to face many challenges and missions.

The game is designed in a badly devastated city by a virus spreading very fast. The primary carrier of this virus are zombies, so; you have to fight against these reckless zombies to stop the devastation.

In this condition, it isn’t easy to survive. Many brave survivors in the city are very helpful in these circumstances. These survivors are the real heroes of the game.

State of survival mod Apk

Features of State of survival hack Apk (Unlimited city buildings, survival modes, heroes, upgrades, coins)

This mod version of State of survival mod’s latest version has many advanced features. These fantastic features are below.

THE JOKER Joins State of Survival!
A new visitor will be welcomed to the Settlements. Will his arrival be a surprise for good or bad? Find out more in the event!
Unlock The Joker, fight laughing zombies, and experience The Joker-inspired storyline in the State of Survival!
It’s been six months since the zombie apocalypse began. The virus has infected the city. Six months of terror, horror, survival, and fighting against zombies. You are a survivor, and your friends are in a brave fight against monsters. Build a city that survives the constant waves of zombies. Welcome to the State of Survival. Ready for a strategy survival game!

The zombie infection has ripped across the country, taking all civilization with it. Now it is survival time, as the surviving military and government have gone underground. The world belongs to the infected now. It is time to build a city with a strategy to survive zombies and monsters. The plague is expanding faster, and the people need a hero! They need a survivor since the only goal is to survive!
In this adventure, you can make friends or fight against other survivors. Shoot zombies with your sniper gun in fps mode. Death is coming, and the battlefield is just for heroes, so build an army!
Do whatever you can to survive this horrible war. It won’t be easy to win the battle. The infected are everywhere, and you have a war against the zombie army on your hands! Resources are scarce, and you must salvage what you can from the carcass of society. Build a new city, squad, and strategy to survive this MMORPG. Become a zombie hunter! It’s time for survival.

It’s a new world out there. A new shooting survival multiplayer! Build a strategy and create your own story. You can plant a bomb or shoot the zombies in this strategy survival game! Gather gold, coins, and anything necessary to survive this destructive time. Shooting is not always an option; you must build a PVP army! Target the zombies, end the horror, and survive the war! This game is completely different than other war games.


In the absence of the military, build up your settlement to form a haven for your survivors and the foundation for your post-apocalyptic zombie world. It is time for your tactics to become real! Fight vs. this virus of the walking dead! It’s combat time, and you need to fight the invasion! Survive if you can!


In this survival game, you get to save survivors from the battle to increase your numbers and strength to fight each infected zombie. Locate those with special abilities, as they will be the heroes of the plague war! Shooting time!


The zombie army disease is mutating rapidly. As a survivor, you need to learn whatever you can to understand it and build your strategy before the invasion of the zombies. Whoever can control the infection controls the world! There’s a war out there, and it’s all about survival! Stop the apocalypse!


There is strength in numbers. Make allies and forge strategic partnerships to survive the horrors of the infected wilderness in this strategy survival game. Join armies to pulverize anyone who tries to take advantage of you in the battle and be ready for the war against the zombies and the apocalypse. Your survival is at stake!

Rip up the Rulebook

It’s humanity 2.0. Rewrite the rules on how you want humankind to survive and defeat the invading army. This is a survival strategy versus zombies shooter game, and there’s no military to rescue you. It’s completely different than other military war games.

Build your city

The most important part of this SOS mod is building his city. That city is his home-land where he can make his army train his troops and save his beautiful city from the dangerous zombies.

Smooth gameplay of state of survival mod

The gameplay is straightforward and smooth. The player has to fight against different strategies to overcome this deadly virus. So are you ready to enjoy the carefree play? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Download this mod version and let the adventure begin.

Different unique heroes

The mod version of State of survival hack Apk 2021 has other heroes as the main character. Each hero has unique and other abilities to destroy the population of dreadful zombies. So don’t be scared but be powerful because you will encounter some mysterious creatures here.

There are other heroes like Maddie, rusty, Travis, etc.

Different challenges and missions

There are various missions and challenges. The player has to complete tasks and challenges to increase the level of the game. Hence, you will get food and experience when you complete a task. The challenges and missions you get in this version will be epic and thrilling. Thus are you ready to begin the real journey?

Unlimited food

As you know, food is an essential part of life. Thus, the food is also essential in-game. The food is for many purposes, feeding the army and constructing and upgrading new buildings. You can get unlimited food for free with this upgraded version of State of survival mod Apk unlimited food.

Unlimited coins and money

Money is for many purposes in the game, unlocking and upgrading characters. You can get unlimited money and coins for free with this modified version of State of survival mod Apk. This wouldn’t be wrong to say that you’ll get unlimited everything for free here.

No ads

The mod version of the game is designed with no ads. You can play smoothly without interruptions. This feature increases your addiction to the game.

Beautiful graphics

The game is designed with stunning graphics. The characters are designed so beautifully that it develops your more interest in the game.

Amazing soundtrack

A fantastic soundtrack is given in the game that enhances addiction.

Free money

With this modified version of State of survival Apk unlocked, you can get free money. Otherwise, you have to face many challenges to get this.

Free download

State of survival Apk is free to download. You have to search, download and enjoy.

Offline mod

The game is played smoothly without any internet connections. You can play it while offline.

No lag

The gameplay is very smooth. You can play the game without any disturbance or interruption. It is not wrong to say without any lag.

Autocomplete mission

Many missions in the game are completed by own with this modified version of State of survival Apk 2021.

Free bio caps

You can get bio caps for free with this latest version of State of survival mod hack Apk. You have to log in daily, check mails, participate in events, join allies and get bio caps.

Different communities

As you know, the game is developed in a city in which different communities are present. The primary duty of the real hero is to save those communities.

How to download State of survival mod Apk latest version 2021?

  • Go to Google and visit our website.
  • Now search the download button
  • Click the download button
  • Soon the download will complete
  • Now install the game by accessing permission for unknown sources
  • Go to the settings of your android or other device
  • Click to unknown sources
  • So continue the installation process
  • In few seconds the installation will complete
  • Open up the game and enjoy now!

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Does State of survival mod hack need any internet connection?

No, it is free to play. You can play while you are offline.

Are Biocaps Free in State of survival ?

Yes, in the modified version of State of survival, mod Apk bio caps are 100 percent free.

Is State of survival mod menu free to download?

Yes, it is free to download. Visit our website and download the latest version.


This excellent game gives joy as well as sharpness to you. Handling the new to new challenges develops stronger wittiness in you with many coins. I assure you get amazed by playing the triggers in the game, and it gives you a different charm and sparkle.

What's new

▼New Event: Mining Mayhem
Mining Mayhem is an Alliance-based event. Alliances must be at least Lv.6 and have at least 20 members to qualify. Once the player's Alliance has registered for the event, they will be matched with five other Alliances of similar strength, after which the six Alliances will compete against each other for a week on the Mining Mayhem map.



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